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Designing for print or for web: The difference?

Although print and web design have a common ancentry, they aren't the same. When a client calls to place a printing order and they mention they have a "designer friend" who'll take care of the creative, we always ask, "what type of designer are they?"

Elements like text, graphics, color and page composition might be the same, but the challenges and technical specifications can very, especially when designing for the web .

Typography -
A font that looks great on paper may not look so great online. there's a good chance that fonts will vary online; depending on the viewer's browser settings and natively installed fonts. With print, the medium is fixed, making for a predictable visual experience.

Graphics -
Image formats used in print do not render properly online. Though TIFF and EPS formats look amazing on your latest brochure, they won't cut it on your website. JPEG, GIFF and PNG are needed for the web, which are lower resolution compared to print graphics.

Colors -
Commercial printing processes are typically done in CMYK or use Pantone spot colors or other print-friendly color specifications. On the Web, color is RGB. And then you'll also need to contend with browser-safe color schemes maybe. The use of color in typography also differs, in part because of readability differences on-screen.

So next time your having something designed for a flyer or postcard, be sure that your "designer" knows what they're doing in all areas of design.

And always ask your printing company for specific file specifications. If they say "just send us a digital image" you know you're in for a headache!

Give us a call and we'll show you how a real printing company gets the job done :)

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Designing for print or for web: What's the difference?

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